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Looking to buy a home or new investment property can be tricky to know if you are getting the best deal. But Buyers Agents Australia will save you time by performing all of the necessary due diligence and legwork to find your ideal property. 


For a complete grasp of the local market, our local buyer agents  can walk you through some recent comparable sales.


Before we begin the negotiation process, our team of buyers agents implement their vast experience from selecting a property that’s right for you and then negotiate the best possible price and terms with the seller.



We evaluate all on-market and off-market properties. Our insider knowledge enables us to source offmarket opportunities for clients. 


When you’re negotiating with someone, they usually have more information about you than you realize. This can be used to their advantage so it’s important to have someone on your side to represent you fully as well as protecting your interests. 


Time is a precious commodity that cannot be replaced. We will invest as much time as required to provide you with the best possible outcome no matter how much time it takes to achieve. 

Benefits of Having a Buyer’s Agent 

Save your time

 Have access to the widest range of properties

 Be able to negotiate the best possible deals

 Help you choose the best property

 Help you avoid common mistakes

  Protect your interest


Buyers Agents Australia is Australia’s premier Buyers Agency and Buyers Advocate.  We can help you find the right property for the right price, whether you are looking to buy a family home, commercial acquisition or your next investment property. Contact us today to see how we can help you, and to stay up to date with all the latest news and buying tips. 

Auction Clearance Rates
Week ending, 07 April, 2024

















Capital City Median Prices

Quarter ending 01 April 2024 (Houses)


Month: 0.6% | Quarter: -1.6%

Annual -8.8% | Total Return -12.9%


Month: -0.3% | Quarter: 0.9%

Annual- 9.6% |Total Return -12.8%


Month: 0.0% | Quarter: -0.2%

Annual-3.2% | Total Return-6.8%


Month: 1.1% | Quarter:-3.0%

Annual-15.9% | Total Return -20.6%


Month: -0.4% | Quarter: -0.8%

Annual-1.9% | Total Return -6.0%


Month: -1.4% | Quarter:-3.4%

Annual 13.3%|Total Return 18.0%


Month: -0.2% | Quarter: 0.4%  

Annual 4.9% | Total Return 9.4% 

Combined Capitals

Month: 0.6% | Quarter: -1.5%

Annual-9.7% | Total Return-13.6%

Combined Regional

Month: 0.6% | Quarter: -1.8%

Annual -6.0% |Total Return -10.7%


What is a Buyer’s Agent?

Buyer’s agents, often known as “buyers advocates,” are qualified individuals who focus on finding, analysing, and negotiating the acquisition of real estate on behalf of clients.  

Why choose us as your Buyer’s Agent?

Buyers Agents Australia is a network of trusted agents with years of experience. We offer full assistance for property purchases Australia wide. 

When a client wants to buy real estate in the cities or nearby suburbs across the nation, or in regional or rural locations, we can help. These experts can give a thorough description of the neighborhood because they have extensive experience working with relocating purchasers. 

At Buyer Agents Australia, we pride ourselves on excellence, supportive customer service, top rate communication and expert negotiation. We can help with any issue that arises for your property purchase, whether it’s finding a home, buying a unit, acquiring a commercial property or development acquisition, no matter how complicated it may get. 

What services do Buyer’s Agent provide?

A buyers’ advocate or buyers agent provides a range of services, including: 

Finding properties that fit your criteria, aggregating them, and then negotiating the acquisition of the selected property (whether by auction or private sale.) A buyer’s agent can search for a specific property or an entire portfolio, negotiate a better price for you by gathering information through due diligence and running building and pest inspections on your preferred property and then developing a negotiation strategy, or they can bid on your behalf at an auction of a property you may have found. All of these options depends on your needs. 

Why should you use Buyer’s Agent?

They are skilled negotiators who can frequently save you thousands of dollars since they are impartial, able to function without being affected by emotion, and knowledgeable about the many strategies used by real estate agents. They can also save you time researching and looking for properties.

What things should you look for in a Buyer’s Agent?

When choosing to work with a buyer’s agent, clients should look for the following characteristics: 

Field and experience
Solid track record 

Is it worth it to use a Buyer’s Agent?

YES ABSOLUTELY!!! A buyer’s agent can help you save time, stress and money. Their skills in industry insights and strong negotiating abilities come in handy. You can let your agent know if you want to be strict about staying within your budget, and they’ll take higher-priced properties out of the running or try their best to negotiate a higher priced property down within the buyers acceptable budgets. 

What does a Buyer’s Agent do?

We provide you with the knowledge and direction you need to make an educated, confident purchasing or investing decision. 

We’ll jointly develop an investment plan based on your financial situation, preferences for neighborhoods and types of properties, and objectives like capital growth and rental yield. 

Once you’ve made a decision on a property, we’ll negotiate for the greatest deal. 

Ready to Buy?

You do not have to go through the process alone. Our skilled and trained professional real estate buyers advocates will take you through the process and negotiate the best possible deals for you. 

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